AXM2-5574/ Glenn Miller

爱黑胶 | 2017-12-13

AXM2-5574/ Glenn Miller - The Complete Glenn Miller Volume IX 1939-1942
A1     Wanna Hat With Cherries
A2     Pagan Love Song
A3     Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead
A4     My Isle Of Golden Dreams
A5     Blue Moonlight
A6     Mister Meadowlark
A7     Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar
A8     Make Believe Ballroom Time
B1     A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
B2     Long Time No See, Baby
B3     Anvil Chorus - Part II
B4     Frenesi
B5     Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider
B6     Spring Will Be So Sad (When She Comes This Year)
B7     The Kiss Polka
B8     Humpty Dumpty Heart
C1     Skylark
C2     When The Roses Bloom Again
C3     Dearly Beloved
C4     Moonlight Mood
C5     Caribbean Clipper
C6     Here We Go Again
C7     That Old Black Magic
C8     That Old Black Magic
D1     Moonlight Becomes You
D2     Juke Box Saturday Night
D3     It Must Be Jelly
D4     I’+’m Old Fashioned
D5     A Pink Cocktail For A Blue Lady
D6     Rainbow Rhapsody
D7     Sleepy Town Train
D8     Rhapsody In Blue